Corks Restaurant - The best place for Sunday Brunch in Ashbourne

Sunday Brunch in Ashbourne

Sunday Brunch Menu

Every Sunday between 10.30 a.m. and 4.00 pm.

* Please check Allergens Codes at the bottom of the page *

Full Mixed Grill

Crispy bacon, Clonakilty black & white pudding, Maguire's Lincolnshire sausage, beef tomato, free range eggs and toast.    *1*3


Mini Grill

One of each item from above.    *1*3


Veggie Grill

Free range eggs, beef tomato, asparagus, sautéed mushroom and toast.    *1*3*15



Irish oatmeal served with a choice of strawberries, banana, cinnamon, maple syrup or honey.    *1*3*15


Made with alternative milk:


French Toast

Thick cut French toast served with crispy pancetta, drizzled with maple syrup.    *1*3


Brunch Combo

Alpen Muesli, topped with greek yogurt and pure honey, served with a Low GI Bagel with cream cheese and bacon.    *1*7


Salmon & Eggs

Fresh brown bread and mayo, topped with rocket, sliced avocado, smoked salmon and free range poached eggs.    *1*3*4*15


Izzy's Breakfast

Fresh brown toast topped with sundried tomato pesto, rocket, sliced avocado, pancetta and free range poached eggs.    *1*3*7*15


Sunrise Eggs

Poached eggs over mexican chicken and refried beans in hot sauce, topped with grilled mozzarella cheese and jalapenos, served with homemade guacamole and tortilla chips.    *3*7*9



Three egg omelette made to order with any three fillings and toast: ham, chicken, bacon, smoked salmon, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, goats cheese, mushroom, cherry tomato, onion, asparagus, avocado or rocket.    *1*3*4*7*15 


Additional fillings Each:


California BK Wrap

Scrambled egg, red onion, mixed peppers, potato wedges, and bacon with hot sauce in a flour tortilla wrap.    *1*3*7


Stir Fry

A choice of noodles or mixed grain rice, peppers, onions, broccoli, courgettes, cashew nuts and coriander in a fresh chilli & ginger sauce.    *1*2*3*8*15


With a choice of either chicken, beef strips, king prawns or chorizo


2 choices


3 choices


4 choices


Diego Steak

Marinated sirloin steak strips, onion, peppers, avocado, lime, coriander and yogurt served as a wrap, open sandwich, Low GI Bagel or salad.    *1*7*10*15



Grilled goats cheese or mozzarella with beef tomato, red onion, sundried tomato and our Corks pesto dressing.    *7*8*10


Soup of the day

Bowl of soup made from fresh produce, with brown bread.    *1*7*9*15


Seafood Chowder

Bowl of creamy fish broth with salmon, cod, prawn and mussels served with brown bread.    *1*2*4*7*9*14



Chicken liver paté with herb toast and Cumberland sauce.    *1*7*12*15


Pot Pie

Pie of the day served with fresh bread.    *1*7*9



Meat Stew of the day served with fresh bread.    *1*7*9*15




Sparkling Wine

Prosecco Snipe    *12



Prosecco and Orange Juice    *12


Elderflower Billini

Prosecco, elderflower cordial and apple juice     *12


Childrens Brunch Menu

Scrambled Egg

Scrambled egg served with toast    *1*3*15


French Toast

Thick cut French toast served with crispy pancetta, drizzled with maple syrup.    *1*3*15



Bacon, sausage, black or white pudding each:    *1*3



One slice of toast served with butter and jam or marmalade.    *1


Fruit Bowl

Mix of fresh strawberries, banana, apple, pear and grapes.



Soup of the day with slice of brown bread.    *1*7*9*15


Seafood Chowder

Seafood Chowder with slice of brown bread.    *1*2*4*7*9*14


Nacho Plate

Nachos on a bed of refried beans topped with melted cheese    *7


add Chicken:    *7



Bowl of noodles cooked in a soy dressing    *1*3*6


add Chicken:    *1*3*6



Stew of the day served with white bread    *1*7*9*15