Corks Restaurant - The best place for a sandwich  in Ashbourne

Sandwiches and Wraps in Ashbourne

Sandwiches / Wraps / Bagels / Salads

All selections served as an open sandwich (White, Brown or Tomato Bread), Low GI brown bagel, wrap, or salad.   Our sandwiches / wraps are made with mayo or mustard mayo.

Extra toppings of Chicken, goats cheese, sundried tomato or avocado.


Cup of soup to accompany any sandwich, wrap or salad.


The Veggie *

Selection of marinated vegetables with a balsamic reduction.


Served with hummus.


Corks Caesar *

Cos lettuce, tossed in Cork's Caesar dressing, served with sundried tomato, pine nuts and parmesan cheese.


Served with chicken.


Served with chicken & bacon or smoked salmon.


The Oriental *

Crispy noodles, peppers and red onion, cooked in a rich soy dressing, on a mix of fresh lettuce leaves and rocket.


Served with grilled chicken.


Served with sirloin steak strips or king prawns.


Italian *

Grilled goats cheese or mozzarella with beef tomato, onion, sundried tomato and our Corks pesto dressing.


C.C.C. *

Chicken breast, Maryland cheddar, and Corks apple and pear chutney served on a mix green leaves.


Black Pudding *

Clonakilty black pudding and chopped bacon on a bed of mixed leaves, with apple slivers and cherry tomatoes.


Corks Club *

Freshly sliced ham, beef tomato, chicken and melted Maryland cheddar.


Corks Diego Steak *

Pan fried marinated sirloin steak strips, with mixed peppers, red onion, avocado, coriander and yogurt.


Smoked Salmon and Prawn *

Irish smoked salmon and prawns on bed of mixed green leaves, cherry tomatoes and topped with our Marie Rose dressing.


Prawn and Advocado *

Prawns in a Marie Rose dressing, with avocado and mixed green leaves.


Stringer Salad *

Warm goats cheese or fresh cooked chicken with walnuts, avocado, beetroot, cherry tomatoes served on mixed leaves drizzled with a balsamic reduction.


With grilled chicken breast and goats cheese.


Substitute smoked salmon for chicken.