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Lunch in Ashbourne

Lunch Menu

* Please check Allergens Codes at the bottom of the page *

Seafood Chowder

Bowl of creamy fish broth with salmon, cod, prawn and mussels, served with brown bread.    1*2*4*7*9*14


Cup of chowder served with brown bread.    1*2*4*7*9*14


Cup of chowder.    1*2*4*7*9*14


Toasted Sandwich

Choice of two fillings : on fresh white or brown bread : ham, chicken, salami, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion, relish or chutney.    *1*3*4*7*10


Choice of 3 fillings:    *1*3*4*7*10


Bix Mex

Hot Mexican chicken, melted mozzarella and natural yogurt, served in a fresh tortilla wrap. Served regular or spicy.    *1*7*9


Smokey Egg

Smokey egg mayo,with crispy pancetta and beef tomato.    *3*10




Hot mexican chicken, rice, refried beans, melted mozzarella, hot sauce, avocado salsa and natural yogurt, served in a wrap or a bowl.    *1*7*9*15



Vegetarian Option.    *1*7*9*15



Steak Option.    *1*7*9*15


The Oriental

Crispy noodles, peppers, and red onion, cooked in a rich soy dressing on a mix of fresh lettuce leaves and rocket.    *1*3*6*10


Served with grilled chicken.    *1*3*6*10


Served with sirloin steak strips or king prawns.    *1*2*3*6*10


Cajun Chicken

Freshly cooked chicken, sauteed mushrooms, onion and cherry tomatoes, with a cajun mayonnaise.    *3*10



Med BLT with mozzarella, pancetta sundried tomato, mayo and pesto.    *7*8*10


Black Pudding

Clonakilty black pudding and chopped bacon on a bed of leaves, with apple slivers and cherry tomatoes.    *1*10


Stringer Salad 1

Warm goats cheese or fresh cooked chicken with walnuts, avocado, beetroot and cherry tomatoes, on mixed leaves served with a balsamic reduction.    *8*10*12


With grilled chicken AND goats cheese.    *8*10*12


With smoked salmon AND goats cheese.    *4*8*10*12


Pan Fried Chorizo

Pan fried chorizo, prawn and cashew nuts served with sundried tomato pesto, mixed seeds, goji berries and avocado.    *2*7*8*10


Diego Steak

Pan fried marinated sirloin steak strips, with mixed peppers, red onion, avocado, coriander and yogurt.    *7*10


Stir Fry 1

A choice of noodles or mixed grain rice, peppers, onions, brocolli, courgettes, cashew nuts and corriander in a fresh chilli and ginger sauce.    *1*2*3*8*15


with a choice of either chicken, beef strips, king prawns or chorizo.    *1*2*3*8*15


2 choices.    *1*2*3*8*15


3 choices.    *1*2*3*8*15


4 choices.    *1*2*3*8*15


Pot Pie

Pie of the day served with fresh bread.    *1*7*9



Meat stew of the day served with fresh bread.    *1*7*9*15